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My entrepreneurship, reborn and arisen from the ashes in the 
greater Phoenix Metropolitan area - the Valley of the Sun 
As I described on the start page and in my novella, Tea for one, various bureaucracies of the state of Oregon conspired wrongfully to shoot down my previous business, Rent-A-Nerd computer consulting.  I started that business in 1993 and operated it for almost 20 years.  During that time, Rent-A-Nerd - either myself or various independent affiliated computer consultant/technicians - helped thousands of people in the southern end of the Willamette Valley to resolve their computer issues and to use their computers more successfully. 
In my new entrepreneurial ventures, my main focus has shifted from supporting other peoples computers. 
Instead, I am experimenting to find interesting and rewarding things I can use my own computer(s) and the internet to accomplish. 
My new ventures are described and/or linked below: 
  • - a maintained & updated page of links to my expanding network of web-sites, including, but not limited to: 
  • - an Oregon specific (nogero is Oregon, spelled backwards) combination of:  word-of-mouth + Do-It-Yourself print + localized internet.  My first idea is that all three of these are business marketing & promotion methods that can be effectively combined, with costs that are minimized and payable after a trial period.  At, this first idea can then optionally be applied together with a second idea - the concept of neighborhood virtual small business groups:  small, local businesses working in collaboration with each other.  Please visit to check out money-saving, local small business supporting, community economy growing, neighborhood virtual small business group BOOKS of cash-talks-coupons! 
  • - also Oregon specific - a network of small Oregon businesses (including my own, - described below) providing services to small local businesses related to promotion and advertising through 
  • - also Oregon specific - my own services, offered to small businesses in Oregon, related to promotion, advertising and web-site design and hosting! 
  • - my new Chandler Arizona area specific service & consulting businesses 
  • - My Smashwords authors profile and several of my e-published written works, with more to come! 
    Thanks for your interest . . . 
    Mark Gross 
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